Multiple Sclerosis

Characteristics of pediatric multiple sclerosis: The Turkish pediatric multiple sclerosis database. (2017)

“The earlier-onset group had a higher rate of infection/vaccination preceding initial attack, initial diagnosis of ADEM, longer interval between first 2 attacks, and more disability accumulating in the first 3 years of the disease.”
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CNS demyelination and quadrivalent HPV vaccination.

“Vaccination is generally considered safe in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). We report five patients who presented with multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes within 21 days of immunization with the quadrivalent human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil. Although the target population for vaccination, young females, has an inherently high risk for MS, the temporal association with demyelinating events in these cases may be explained by the potent immuno-stimulatory properties of HPV virus-like particles which comprise the vaccine. A prospective case-control study of patients with MS or clinically isolated demyelinating syndromes receiving the Gardasil vaccine may provide relevant safety data in this population.”

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🛑 Demyelinating disease and polyvalent human papilloma virus vaccination

“Since its inception, the polyvalent vaccine against the human papilloma virus (HPV), Gardasil, has generated some controversies as a temporal relationship between the administrations of the vaccine and the development of a few autoimmune diseases, such as acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), multiple sclerosis (MS) and Guillain–Barre syndrome have been reported.1–3 We encountered two cases whose initial presentation of CNS demyelination followed in close time relationship the administration of Gardasil vaccine and we discuss their possible association.

Case No 1
A 19-year-old woman received two doses of Gardasil, 3 months apart, and approximately 1 month after the second dose, she developed numbness to the right foot that within 1 day extended to the contralateral foot and was associated with mid-thoracic back pain. Her neurological examination was only significant for the altered perception to touch to the feet. Deep tendon reflexes were normal and plantar reflexes in flexion. MRI of cervical and thoracic spine revealed a total of three lesions with characteristic demyelinating appearance, one of those in the thoracic spine was contrast-enhancing (figure 1A–C). MRI brain demonstrated one additional white matter lesion also consistent with a demyelinating process.”

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Evolution of multiple sclerosis in France since the beginning of hepatitis B vaccination

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🛑 Hepatitis B vaccination and associated oral manifestations: a non-systematic review of literature and case reports.

“After reviewing the literature, we observed that complications seen after Hepatitis B vaccination are sudden infant death syndrome, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, vasculititis optic neuritis, anaphylaxis, systemic lupus erytymatosus, lichen planus and neuro-muscular disorder.”

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Multiple sclerosis and hepatitis B vaccination: could minute contamination of the vaccine by partial hepatitis B virus polymerase play a role through molecular mimicry?

“Reports of multiple sclerosis developing after hepatitis B vaccination have led to the concern that this vaccine might be a cause of multiple sclerosis in previously healthy subjects. Some articles evidenced that minor Hepatitis B virus (HBV) polymerase proteins could be produced by alternative transcriptional or translational strategies. Their detection is very difficult because they are in minute concentration and probably enzymatically inactive, however, it was shown that they could be exposed on the outside of the virus particles and also be immunogenic. In addition, HBV polymerase shares significant amino acid similarities with the human myelin basic protein. We hypothesise that some of the apparent adverse reactions to the vaccine could be due to a process called of molecular mimicry, the HBV polymerase, which could be a contaminant in the recombinant or plasma-derived vaccines, could act as autoantigens and induce autoimmune demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis.”

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Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and the risk of multiple sclerosis: a prospective study.

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