Acute renal failure after TAB and cholera vaccination.

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[A case of Guillain-Barré syndrome following cholera vaccination (author’s transl)].

“A 45-year-old woman developed bilateral ascending flaccid paralysis after cholera vaccination, 15 days after the first and 1 day after the second injection. The clinical course resulted in nearly complete paralysis of the lower limbs, paresis of the upper limbs and partial involvement of the cranial nerves. There was only slight sensory loss. The CSF revealed no pleocytosis and a protein level of 206 mg/100 ml. Recovery began 2 weeks later and was almost complete after 2 months. Immunological investigations revealed no remarkable changes.”

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Lethal complications of typhoid-cholera-vaccination. (Case report and review of the literature).

“Simultaneous parenteral vaccination against typhoid and cholera lead to death through either anaphylactic shock or endotoxic shock in a 36-year-old male.”

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Richard Pearson Strong and the iatrogenic plague disaster in Bilibid Prison, Manila, 1906.

“In November 1906, Richard Pearson Strong, then head of the Philippine Biological Laboratory, inoculated 24 men-inmates of Manila’s Bilibid Prison-with a cholera vaccine that somehow had been contaminated with plague organisms; 13 men died.”

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Sudden, unexpected death following typhoid-cholera vaccination.

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Two-year study of the protective efficacy of the oral whole cell plus recombinant B subunit cholera vaccine in Peru.

“Stool samples were collected during diarrhea episodes and were cultured for V. cholerae. A total of 17,799 persons received 2 doses of vaccine or placebo, and 14,997 of these persons received the booster dose. After 2 doses (first surveillance period), V. cholerae biotype O1 was isolated from 17 vaccinees and 16 placebo recipients, demonstrating vaccine efficacy (VE) of -4%. After 3 doses (second surveillance period), V. cholerae O1 was isolated from 13 vaccinees and 32 placebo recipients, demonstrating VE of 61% (95% confidence interval ¿CI, 28%-79%). In the second surveillance period, the VE for illness requiring hospitalization was 82% (95% CI, 27%-96%).”

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